Tuesday, April 12, 2016

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Retirement Activity

In less than 3 years I will retire from my current position and will be able to do pretty much anything, anywhere with some limits.  Possible activities I am considering, in no particular order, include becoming a dealer for a gyroplane manufacturer and or golf instructor or basketball coach.

There are a couple of possibilities for working with gyro manufacturers including Air Command and or Aviomania.  I enjoy building and helping others build these machines.  I would need to attend Rotax engine maintenance classes and purchase a two place machine to use for demonstrations.  Choosing this activity would allow me to simultaneously teach people to play golf.

I have been a teacher my entire life and have taught a number of people to play golf without compensation.  I would get certified by the United States Golf Teacher's Federation and work as little or as much as time would allow and at my discretion.

Except for the past 6 years, I have coached basketball for most of my adult life.   Choosing this profession again is somewhat dependent on where we are called to live.  My wife Danita has moved all over the country for my career.  Once I retire it will be her time for me to go where she is needed at the start of her new career as a licensed professional counselor.  If a basketball position came my way in that location, I could easily transition from teaching golf, but, not so easy, if I am selling gyroplanes.

Monday, April 11, 2016



2016 is the first year of Autogyro USA's "Total Peace of Mind" Platinum Warranty. Total Peace of Mind is accidental damage coverage. If you are trained by one of Autogyro CFI'S and you happen to accidentally damage or total your aircraft, parts and labor to rebuild are included in the purchase price of your Autogyro gyroplane. A $5,000 deductible does apply.
Current model prices are as listed:
(*may fluctuate with euro to dollar exchange)
MTO SPORT: $65,555.80* (includes transponder, radio, instructor kit, *914 Turbo extra)
CALIDUS: $80,789.00* (includes transponder, radio, instructor kit, *914 Turbo extra)
CAVALON: $107,500.00* (includes transponder, radio, instructor kit, and 914 Turbo

Calidus Video
Here are pictures showing my new motor mounts and a link to my clubs forum showing the newly rebuilt Gray Head Rotax 582 I am getting from one of our club members, Scott Essex.


MZ 202 Pictures

I recently removed my MZ 202 from my Gyro.  Here are the pics just before removal.  I am selling it and changing to a Rotax 582.  There is nothing wrong with the MZ, it just is not enough for my weight.  See my previous posts about the engine.